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  • "Advanced Settings" UI updated with the Google Camera 5.2 style. Settings are now divided by sections.
  • HDR+ on the front camera now works on those devices that previously required a replacement for lib (works on the OP3/3T, might work on other phones). Thanks Arnova8G2 and BSG.
  • Autofocus works on a pixel config after using the touch focus.
  • Motion photos no longer crashes the camera when using 4:3 resolution (but there is a green bar). Thanks Arnova8G2.


I've changed the file name:

  • From: MGC_5.1.018_B-S-G_Mod+add_some_features_by_Tolyan009_v.1.4.apk
  • To: MGC_5.1.018_v2e_tolyan009_v1.4.apk

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