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DCI P3 Colour Space

Note: Sabre does not work on smartphones: Redmi Note7 / Redmi Note 8 / Redmi Note 8t.


Global changes:

Minor changes:


Modders: BSG, Arnova8G2, Urnyx05, cstark27, back.rider, Savitar, Eszdman, TlnNeun, namok, fu24, the_dise, xtrme, san1ty, Zoran, Nikita.

Testers: OnDroid, dead__nikolay, Lomador, ZeusTheDod666, Time4Time, mrTvister, Avatar_23, Delver, uldanovkzn, versace444, L1we4, Sad_sadys, Sedewlboy31 (he was excluded during the testing, but he made a contribution to the modification).

Translation: Frazer, hardziol, Antoni Kosar, LzDoBeaTs, Mevcetin, Farrukh_FRX, MbareMacco, Markus, dead__nikolay, OnDroid, Sad_sadys, Cristóbal, Avatar_23, Ákos Paha, Raphititi, CyanNg, Westen Arbtttto, Yoben, Törbtöttobtto, Electrotechot ES


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