By overwhelmer.



>Added Manual Exposure and ISO sliders
•Exposure Range - 1/50000s to 60s (or whatever range your sensors support)
•ISO Range - Analog limits
>Fixed Failed shutter at overexposed shots (reference from cstark27's P3)
>Big Thanks to Arnova8G2 for fixing shutter issue.
>Minor code from Urnyx's gcam.

>Rebuilt and Revamped Library Patcher
•Ported Tone Curve from GCam 7.2 to GCam 6.2
•Created Gamma Curve settings
•Added Contrast
(thanks to wyroczen and r0m10 for bookmarks)

•••Added live Graph View for Gamma and Tone curve (my idea)
•••Added seekbars for libPatcher Values
•••libPatcher Tool - Custom Address and Values Patch for libPatcher (my idea and implementation)

>libPatcher direct shortcut and toggle.
>Added XML Backup and Restore option (reference from trCam)
>Show last restored and last saved config in restore menu. (Some reference from namok's code)
>Added max digital zoom option (reference from marlin-ku's apk)
>Fixed JPG Quality option (multiple references)
>Max memory set to 4096MB
>Front cam AWB depends on the active back lens.
>Removed extra libraries
>Mi Orange Accent
>Other minor fixes.


Keep the XML in /gcam/configs/vision6.2/

Configs for the Xiaomi Mi A1:

Will soon release a version based on GCam 7.2 :)

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