By Marco.



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Changelog 4.1.1:
re-based on Urnyx v1.7, because it has some useful improvements.

Changelog v4.1:
‼ it is recommended to clear app data and apply your favorite XML again ‼
- rebased on Urnyx05 v1.6, thanks to him
- added user xml section and moved existing xmls to advanced xmls
- many new xmls
- new standard configurations for: sport, nature and zoom
- new iconset for standard configurations (you can choose between new and old in the settings)
- added a bar for switching standard configuration directly when clicking xml button (can be turned on/off), the bar contains only standard configurations with a set xml
- added base model selection (front/back), exposure compensation, exposure correction (time) separate for hdr+e / nightsight / astro, jpg compression rate
- added Pixel 4 awb
- added shortcuts to nightsight and portrait
- added post processing from Miniflex, be aware: it takes few seconds to apply to the picture
- added post processing options: vignette, brightness, sepia and saturation
- updated post processing examples
- removed vibration when camera mode changes

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