By the_dise.



Note: The OTA functionality requires internet access. You may see requests to domains like

Android 9+. Clean the app data to avoid issues. From here.

  • Added OTA updated. (Only for stable versions); Credit f0x1d;
  • Added auxiliary buttons. Need Magisk module. Credit Arnova8G2;
  • Update DLIB ver. 4с;
  • Added AWB: IMX586 & Pixel 2;
  • Added forced enable/disable Super Res Zoom (sabre);
  • Added OnePlus 5(5T) support;
  • Removed Google Analytics. Credit gdlbo;
  • Fixed BlackSpot for OnePlus 5;
  • Fixed Stabilization;
  • Fixed onBack; Credit Parrot043;
  • All icons are converted to vector;
  • Optimized code.


  • Timelapse with stabilization. (Mi A2)

A clone version is also available: DMGC_7.3.020_ver.4.2_clone.apk

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