By Marco.



By marco and jean-luc. Shared on this group. Don't spam the group if you don't have a OP6/6T.

⚠⚠ Changelog v4.0: ⚠⚠
✅ Built in XMLs (/GCam/Configs7/Minilux): G-Type, Juan All, Juan SRZ, Pretty, Sharp & Natural, X-Type
✅ added XML, AWB, Astro buttons on ViewFinder
✅ added XML menu, Standard configurations, ViewFinder buttons and Special settings to the settings
* XML menu: description of the xmls, hide/show them
* Standard configurations: quick switch between xmls for up to 4 specific scenarios
* ViewFinder buttons: customize and hide/show the buttons
* Special settings: additional stuff that got added
✅ removed hdr off
✅ many settings are made persistent (unchangeable with xmls)
✅ added a pop-up on first start with quick info / first steps

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