By Marco.



By marco and jean-luc. Shared on this group. Don't spam the group if you don't have a OP6/6T.

Changelog v3.5:
- added XMLs: Fast & Quick, Old-print, Robert-Doisneau
- Fast & Quick XML uses some under the hood optimizations when it is loaded to get the fastest capture speed possible (even in HDR+e!)
- fixed issues with custom xmls in stardard configurations
- fixed tmp files
- fixed 98% duplicate images issue
- fixed 12/16mp mode
- fixed thumbnail spinning like crazy when multiple pictures are taken in short time
- fixed buttons visibility when launched in landscape
- turned up exposure from 0 to +0.2, XMLs are adjusted. (0 was too dark, most XMLs used +0.2 and therefore the exposure slider on viewfinder had no effect)
- added community xml section (send yours @MarcoChr to be added) (new XMLs here: Astro-on-a-Tripod, Coffee, Jahid Day, Jahid Night, Screen)
- moved AccuNight XML to old/replaced section
- added option to "Special Settings" to use old thumbnail preview without processing
- added option to "Special Settings" to set post processing on/off for portrait mode
- much code optimizations

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