By Parrot043.



This version supports .xml configs:


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Version: 7.3.020 | V1.
Android 9+

After a month of work on the modification, I and the testers are ready to release it. A lot of work has been done, in particular towards Oc Android 10. A lot of bugs have been fixed, as well as Auto White Balance buttons and astrophotographs have been added to the application shutter, for that we can express a huge thank you to B-S-G. Also, thank you to Urnyx05 for fixing the departure with the Magisk Eszdman module at 48MP (12 is used anyway).

• Celsoazevedo moderators for their help and source code for the modification, because they made a significant contribution to the modification.

• Thank you very much for the tester for checking the application for finding bugs.

Recall that the priority devices are Xiaomi Redmi Note 5,7,7s, 7 Pro, Asus M1, LeEco LeMax x820 (x2). For other devices, it is extremely difficult for me to make fixes. The camera can work on other phones, but 100% support is not guaranteed.

Good luck with the photo!

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