By the_dise.



Android 9+. Clean the app data to avoid issues. From here.

  • Base thanks Urnyx05;
  • Android 9+; Credit Arnova
  • AI AWB fast button; Credit B-S-G
  • Astro fast button; Credit B-S-G
  • Added Sabre;
  • Added Merge Method;
  • Added Focus Traking;
  • Added Portrait Zoom desable;
  • Added Manual choose exposure astro; (Mi A2 max 4 sec.)
  • Added HDR+ Enhanced Frames;
  • Added 4K Timelapse;
  • Added Vtosters, Telegram X, Telegram Beta, Sova V & VK Me;
  • Slow Mo 1/8x on SDM845+; Credit Parrot043
  • Smart settings reboot;
  • Fixed Slow Mo;
  • Fixed face retouching;
  • Camera Sound always active;
  • UI redesign.


  • Timelapse with stabilization. (Mi A2)

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