By Marco.



By marco and jean-luc. Shared here. Don't spam the group if you don't have a OP6/6T.

Changelog v3.4:
‼️ it is recommended to clear app data and apply your favorite XML again ‼️
- standard configs now let you choose from all existing xmls (previous only the included xmls)
- post processing works now on night sight
- post processing works now in portrait mode
- remove whitespaces on filename with xmlname
- xmlname in filename now also works with portrait images (human faces and objects)
- fixed every rotation issue (file, beauty mode, portrait, thumbnail ...)
- fixed thumbnail showing post processing effects and added processing indicator to it
(lasts until until hdr processing and post processing are finished)
(thumbnail is disabled during processing to prevent bugs)
- fixed awb/xml buttons hidden in video, slowmotion and more tab
- improved 12mp mode (now doesnt need to reload xml)
- added 16:9 persistent mode to "Special Settings"
- added French-kiss, Midnight-extreme, iPhone-is-dead, Diamond, OMG++ and Provia XMLs
- added Pretty XML by André Ferreira
- added Sharp & Natural XML by @MrFreeBird
- added Jahid Night and Jahid Day XMLs by Ja Hid
- updated Trek, Vericolor, Vivacolor and OMG XMLs (OMG can now be used in night sight too) and moved their predecessors to "Old/Replaced" section in XML Menu

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