By Tolyan009/TlnNeun.



(From here, translation via Google Translate.)

For Android 10, based on Google Camera 7.2.

- Updated his TN lib, less potential blackness and smoother transitions. Previously, we used the tone from TN v3 gkam 6.2, but for 7.x I think it is not very suitable in its pure form due to the larger number of settings in the libpatcher and the ability to directly adjust contrast.
- The forced Sabre enable function (reduces noise and increases detail) on the viewfinder screen, when the icon is crossed out, it works in auto mode (with 1.2x zoom).
- Changed the models, the style of the interface, the quality of hdr + improved, awb works on the front camera, 60fps video, the filletting of the screen is removed.


This version uses a custom Lib by default. While it produces good pictures under certain conditions, not everyone will like the colours and noise processing.

To use the default Google Lib, go to Settings > Advanced > Libs and select "Stock".

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