By Shamim.




What's new!

- Added ability to save and load all types of files *except saving photos in sd card*. Option is available on advance options settings.
- Added aux buttons visibility, zoom values, buttons name individually for front and back. Enable "camera.advance_lens_detector_front" from developer settings for getting auto lens detection for the front cam. I disabled it by default to avoid an uncertain crash of a few devices.
- Shortcut to *INDIVIDUAL* lens profiles (for both rear and front) updated. By *Press and Holding* AUX, you will go to *Individual* Settings of the Lens item (for both rear and front).
- Custom Noise Model upload for individual AUX, and populating NM Values added. When you load the Custom Noise model, and select it, and restart the app, you will see NM Values populated as per the Noise Model. The same noise model Values will get saved in XML. No need to share Custom Noise models anymore.
- Added .cube lut file support. Cube file parsing codes taken from agc toolkit. Thanks @bigkaka.
- Added zoom value with shortcut preference screen's name.
- Fixed previously reported many bugs.


- Clean installation is better than dirty installation.


A support group is available on Telegram.

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