By Shamim.





- Fixed previously reported many bugs.
- Added saturation, saturation 2, saturation 3, smoothing 2, Sabre noise artifacts in libpatcher settings. Thanks @Iamvamsik for addresses.
- Fixed Chinese ROM. Thanks @bigkaka.
- Optimized wb slider codes and many more.


- It has Android 10/10+ support and supports c2api level 3 and full both.
- There are 6 buttons with longtap support and camera switch and the gallery button also has longtap support. You guys can go to the target preference according to the lens through those longtap options.
- Added a huge amount of libpatcher options and many more.

Settings speed:
- Go to developer settings, select preference type to Remove all, then the preference opening speed will be 10 times faster.

Credit section:
- Thanks @IamVamsiK and @Madieljf for extracting the libpatcher addresses. And 30+ libpatcher preferences and arrays corrected and given by @IamVamsiK. Thanks @bigkaka for suggesting this version for modding. Thanks to all beta testers.

Why 8.5?
- This is the last build from Google that has color parameters addresses. Has less invokes of methods from os. That's why it can be fixed easily for a10 devices. It has less new pixel api keys than newer builds and that's better for non pixel and many more things.

- Clean installation is needed. Never use other builds xmls.


A support group is available on Telegram.

🗣 Discussion:

Versions from this modder may contain code from other developers.