By Shamim.



- Fixed previous reported preference bugs.

- Clean installation is required to work everything normally.

V12 Fix:
- Fixed many internal things.
- Registered all lens preference codes to onsharedpreference changed. Optimized preference codes more. Now if you change anything in preference, it will be automatically applied without restart.
- Added lens preference summary with camera id and Added zoom value of lens in Lens preference's title.
- Added custom lens preference title and changes will be applied without restart and even if you use custom zoom value, that also will be applied in lens title automatically.
- Added Exposure and iso slider for all hdr mode( Hdr off, hdr plus, hdr plus enhanced).
- Added exposure and iso preferences individually for HdrPlus mode( for hdr on and off) and hdrplus enhanced mode. If you use hdr plus mode's exposure and iso, it may override hdr plus mode too. But if you use hdr plus enhanced mode's exposure and iso, it won't override on other hdr modes.
- Fix hdr plus raw and few default value for few preferences.
- Updated few icons. thanks @haslidev
- Added soft sharp options in libpatcher.
- Fixed the UI. Now the ui will be looking as gcam 8.7.
- Optimized longtab menu. (now open additional setting, Open developer setting, Open advance setting will get restart) and many more...


A support group is available on Telegram.

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