By Shamim.



- Added advance lenses identification codes. It will cut off logical and repeated lenses from auto aux lens. Added ability to detect exact working lens ids for non pixel devices. Same id won't be shown in list for multiple times. Optimized lens id detection codes newly. Fixed almost all issues related to lens for many devices.
- Added stream config sdk support. Google completely delete almost all sdk version support on GCam 9.0. They only kept 1 sdk support codes there. I took idea from previous version gcams and wrote codes myself. It works for me,You guys need to check them.
- Fixed slowmotion black vf and recording both.
- Fixed time lapse for non pixel devices.
- Added a option on developer settings named "camera.fix_request_capabilities". If aux cam crashing, you can try with enable the option.
- Added a option on developer settings named "camera.advance_lens_detector_front". If you enable that, advance front lens id detection codes will enable. If you have front aux cam, then enable the option otherwise don't.
- Extracted metering api key from capture request key of Samsung s22ultra. Option available on few stuffs and customization settings for only Samsung devices and many more optimized and bug fixes added.

- Previous XMLs won't work on this build. If you use them, the app might crash.


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