By Shamim.



What's new!!

- Fixed focus tracking for photo, portrait and video mode.
- Fixed crash of A11.
- Added hdr+ enhanced support on portrait mode.
- Fixed internal many code errors.
- Added rampather support. Thanks @Rivington and @I_User_X for Hex addresses and values. Thanks @IamVamsiK and @Madieljf for adding addresses as feild name.
- Added library loader for rampather.
- Added lib-patcher button on viewfinder.
- Added 20 Manual patcher for each lenses.
- Fixed video mode for A11.
- Added awb file loader support. [ AWB files link ]
- Added noise modeler file loader support. [ Noise modeler files link ]
- Fixed reported many bugs and optimized Many internal things.
- Added longtap shortcut options on gesture settings and many more internal changes.
- Fixed few reported bugs.
- Fixed wb slider for pixel.
- Now it will get storage permission automatically for A13+.
- Added custom bitrate support in video mode and more few features.

- Maximum modification codes have written newly. So I will request to test every single settings.


A support group is available on Telegram.

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