By Shamim.



Shamim's versions have lots of options and features from other modders (thanks for their work!) and even older GCam versions (may not work as expected on newer GCam bases). They're good if you want to be able to control different things, but stability and how well features work depend a lot on the device.


What's new!!

- Fixed focus tracking for photo, portrait and video mode.
- Fixed crash of A11.
- Added hdr+ enhanced support on portrait mode.
- Fixed internal many code errors.
- Added rampather support. Thanks @Rivington and @I_User_X for Hex addresses and values. Thanks @IamVamsiK and @Madieljf for adding addresses as feild name.
- Added library loader for rampather.
- Added lib-patcher button on viewfinder.
- Added 20 Manual patcher for each lenses.
- Fixed video mode for A11.
- Added awb file loader support. [ AWB files link ]
- Added noise modeler file loader support. [ Noise modeler files link ]
- Fixed reported many bugs and optimized Many internal things.
- Added longtap shortcut options on gesture settings and many more internal changes.
- Fixed few reported bugs.
- Fixed wb slider for pixel.
- Now it will get storage permission automatically for A13+.
- Added custom bitrate support in video mode and more few features.

- Maximum modification codes have written newly. So I will request to test every single settings.


A support group is available on Telegram.

🗣 Discussion:

Versions from this modder may contain code from other developers.