By Shamim.



What's new!!

Thanks @jeneeek for decrypting most of the strings of this build. Thanks @BigKaka for helping me to repair HDR processing codes. Thanks @Arnova8G2_Xda for developer settings preferences. Thanks @BSG19071979 for extracting the values and hex addresses of HDR processing fix from library.

- Fixed almost all bugs and ported almost all the features from my previous build.
- Fixed video surface. Few ideas took from BSG cam and gcam 8.6. Thanks @BSG19071979.
- Fixed slowmo and 4k video for almost all devices.
- Added manual camcorder profile support.
- Added Manual slowmo fps support and ported almost all video settings from my 8.4.400 to 8.7.
- Fixed few code errors and many more things.


- None is allowed for taking this build as base. If anybody are interested in modding, then you guys can ask me for base. Next updates will be come so slowly.


A support group is available on Telegram.

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