By Shamim.



Shamim's versions have lots of options and features from other modders (thanks for their work!) and even older GCam versions (may not work as expected on newer GCam bases). They're good if you want to be able to control different things, but stability and how well features work depend a lot on the device.


What's new!!

Thanks @jeneeek for decrypting most of the strings of this build. Thanks @BigKaka for helping me to repair HDR processing codes. Thanks @Arnova8G2_Xda for developer settings preferences. Thanks @BSG19071979 for extracting the values and hex addresses of HDR processing fix from library.

- Fixed almost all bugs and ported almost all the features from my previous build.
- Fixed video surface. Few ideas took from BSG cam and gcam 8.6. Thanks @BSG19071979.
- Fixed slowmo and 4k video for almost all devices.
- Added manual camcorder profile support.
- Added Manual slowmo fps support and ported almost all video settings from my 8.4.400 to 8.7.
- Fixed few code errors and many more things.


- None is allowed for taking this build as base. If anybody are interested in modding, then you guys can ask me for base. Next updates will be come so slowly.


A support group is available on Telegram.

🗣 Discussion:

Versions from this modder may contain code from other developers.