By Shamim.



What's new!!

- Optimized astro mode. Now if you disable astro mode, night sight mode will be worked. If you select auto astro mode, then astro will work on low lighting condition and on high lighting condition, ns will work instead of astro mode as you can see on my previous video. Added a astro force button on option menu. If you want to turn on astro mode on for any lighting condition, then you can select the astro on(force) button from option menu. If you select astro force button, then on front camera, you will get astro mode instead of ns mode.
- Fixed astro for many devices. I added one more selection on upscaling photo that is default sensor resolution. If you don't have any problem with astro mode, then you can disable upscaling photos option. You can get raw sensor resolution as Default on camera and night mode if upscaling photo option is disabled.
- Added fixations for few Samsung devices.
- Fixed few internal code logic.
- If you don't have any issues on night mode, then you can enable "camera.skip_resize" for getting raw sensor resolution on camera and night mode. If you enable it, then photo upscaling won't work.


- Clean installation is far better than dirty installation. Previous xmls may not work properly.


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