By Shamim.



What's new!!!

!! Clean installation is required. Previous xmls won't work. !!

- Wrote almost all modification codes newly for adapting them more with new gcam base.
- Wrote log getting methods.
- Fixed motion photos and shutter button long tap video for almost all budget devices.
- Optimized lib and xml loader now. Now won't crash because of not finding directories. And now they will work without restart.
- Added system cct support. Called those value directly from camera characteristics info of your device system.
- Now black level array values will directly get from your c2api files. Added dynamic black level support also as gcam default.
- Now Noise modeler's all long values will be directly got from system if you select default NM.
- Added default settings for PocoX3, Redmi note 10, Redmi note 8, Redmi note 7, Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi 12 ultra,
Mi10TPro, Samsung M52 and Miatol device.
- Now added logcat save option in developer settings named "logcat.save_enabled".
- Added log save switch in developer settings named "log.save_enabled".
- Added Details log save options in developer settings named "lenslog.details_disabled". Enable it if ur device support.
- Optimized codes related to c2api.edge_mode, c2api.noise_reduction_mode, c2api.viewfinder_noise_reduction_mode options. Now
-1 = Auto
0 = Off
1 = Fast
2 = High Quality
3 = ZSL
- Changed color filter input value also. Now -1 =Auto. and huge internal changes.
- Added default configs for Z FLIP 4 device.
- Fixed manual black level.
- Added noise modelers log.
- Added noise model tune-up settings.They won't work for system noise model. If u select system nm, then iso value also will be got from system. Manual inputs way also available there.
- Fixed previous few reported bugs and more..
- Wrote and optimized more codes newly.
- I set all hdr frame rate to -1(As Gcam default) for getting better result.
- Forced jpeg quality to default as gcam default.
- Added hevc settings and disabled the option by default for preventing the crash of many devices.
- Fixed many modification codes newly.
- Fixed Ae competition. Now if the ae competition switch is disabled, then the value will get as gcam default.
- Forced system cct as default.
- Added few options on developer settings named "focus.maximum_distance_enabled" for infinity button, "focus.far_distance_enabled" for far button, "focus.minimum_distance_enabled" for near button.. If you enable those options, distance value will be got from camera characteristics of your device system. And input manual distance value won't work.
- Many features enabled by default and many more things.


- If you guys still find any bugs, then report, I will try to fix them.


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