By Shamim.



- Fixed previously reported bugs.

This build may be the final build based on gcam 8.4.400 or I may work on GID and distortion of wide cam pictures after a month.

- Fixed selfie mirror.
- Fixed rectiface_support_level.
- Added support for few devices.
- Fixed black viewfinder on video mode and more few things.

- Fixed wb slider. Few Codes logic took from @Arnova8G2_Xda 's 8.4.300 gcam. Thanks for his work.
- Added "enable_dng_compression" on developer setting.
- Added fixation for few devices.

- Fixed xml name as photo file name.
- Added fixations for few devices.
- Added custom color customization for aux button text and notification log viewer.
- Fixed sabre null key and many more internal changes.

- Added new crash log catcher support that will send you a instant dialog message if the app is crashed and log will be saved on /SGCAM/CRASH LOG/ directory.
- Added logcat and crashHandler view support on notifications and also made on/off switch. You can enable it from few stuffs and customization settings( Basic codes from app cloner apk).
- Added processing indicator. ( Thanks @bigkaka )
- Prevented crash of button switch and all type of restart while processing photos and many more internal changes.


A support group is available on Telegram.

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Versions from this modder may contain code from other developers.