By Shamim.



Shamim's versions have lots of options and features from other modders (thanks for their work!) and even older GCam versions (may not work as expected on newer GCam bases). They're good if you want to be able to control different things, but stability and how well features work depend a lot on the device.


What's new!!

- Fixed Len's values.

- If you guys find any wrong, just give a restart, then apk will work without issues.

- Fixed customer Library loader and few reported issues.

- Fixed configs not found and library not found problem at opening the cam.
- Added switch between video resolution toggle on option menu and manual resolution selection 144p to 4k. If you enable the switch, video resolution will get as manual resolution selection and if it's disabled, then resolution toggle on option menu will work.
- Added Open advance setting, additional setting and developer setting option on long press menu and etc..

- Added upscaling photos support.
- Added more options on multiplication method of upscaling photos.
- Added upscaling photos viewfinder button.
- Added manual upscaling photos support. The input value have to be like that (the multiplication number you want×8= Input value). You can upscale unlimited image resolution now as your hardware support.

- It will work on camera and night mode for now. Upscaling photos on portrait mode will also work in near future. If you want to get the exact resolution of your sensor, then disable it, then it will get the exact resolution of your sensor.

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You can use my apks as base for your work. No need to ask for my permission. Credit modders when using their work and respect their requests.

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Versions from this modder may contain code from other developers.