By Shamim.



What's new!!

- Fixed lib loader finally for front cam.( Need to enable front restart method)
- Added video resolution and fps rate individually for each lens.
- Added manual noise modelers individually for each lens (Others modder can move those codes on their cam if they want). Thanks @Ar_saikat and @Alssdr_7 for testing.
- Added manual awb individually for each lens and corrected lens value.
- Added long press menu.
- Now the apk running speed will be More faster than before.
- Fixed slow motion fps that was broken on my previous build.
- Rearranged Viewfinder settings and more few things.
- Added inverted aux for Redmi note 7 and Samsung s22Ultra.
- Fixed focus tracking and zoom ui.
- Fixed overall previous reported bugs.

Notes: For getting awb and noise modeler link, click here. Thanks for those people who extracted those awb and noise modeler values and uploaded them on Google drive and sheet.


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