By Shamim.



Shamim's versions have lots of options and features from other modders (thanks for their work!) and even older GCam versions (may not work as expected on newer GCam bases). They're good if you want to be able to control different things, but stability and how well features work depend a lot on the device.


- Added time lapse, slow motion, normal video resolution selection on few stuffs and customization settings for Front and back cameras individually.
- Added Samsung s22u noise modelers and more few things.


- Fixed slow motion for OnePlus devices. ( If it still doesn't work by default, just use slow motion stream configs)
- Added slow motion fps selection on few stuffs and customization setting and on developer settling also (camcorder.capture_rate) and more few things.


- Optimized device identifying codes of exynos.
- Fixed resolution and almost previous reported bugs.


- Fixed previous reported bugs.
- Adjusted aux button enabler Color. Thanks @Tpan26


- Added new noise models, models awb, new addresses and values to the patcher by @HasliDev.
- Fixed aux for Samsung s22 ultra Exynos. Thanks @Madieljf for testing.
- Added Tone curves and gamma curves support on libpatcher settings. Thanks @mebel_style_realme5pro for codes.
- Device with Exynos processor supposed to be worked well now And added more options on settings. Thanks @jericho246 for testing.


- Added support for Exynos. ( Took SpatialGainMap Values from agc cam and thanks to the value writer.)
- Added support for Samsung s22 Ultra( Snapdragon and Exynos both). ( Opening the cam, go to video mode as fast as u can, go to settings and give a restart of the cam. Then it will work without issues.)


- Added support for Vivo and Oppo devices.
- Fixed video of Vivo, Realme and Oppo devices.
- Added sunbug fix options on few stuffs and customization setting and enabled by default for OnePlus devices.
- Fixed entryvalues of merge methods. ( Values given by @RealJohnGalt and @SixArmedPriest)
- Enabled face detection support and etc.


- Added aemode in a different way. Thanks to the code writer.
- Added geometric calibration raw fix switch on few stuffs and customization setting and enabled it by default for OnePlus devices. Thanks @RealJohnGalt for helping and @Ar_saikat for testing.


You can use my apks as base for your work. No need to ask for my permission. Credit modders when using their work and respect their requests.


GCAM_8.4.400.42.XX_SHAMIM_V13 GCAM_8.4.400.42.XX_SHAMIM_V13

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