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GCam 8.1.101 mod based on Arnova8g2's mod. Huge thanks to him for his amazing work.
🔥Added default portrait zoom front options in dev settings
-flag: gouda_default_zoom_factor_front
🔥Added option to force focus tracking for fixed focal length lenses (like ultra wide lens in davinci) in dev settings
-flag: camera.artemis_fixed_focal_lenses
🔥Fixed bug with evcomp sliders in hdrnet+dualev_singleknob
🔥Saving state of photo and portrait night buttons across reboots. Idea from google
🔥Added DialogPreference and DialogIcon for all ListPrefetences. Thanks wichaya
🔥Added max zoom setting for front and back cam in dev settings. Thanks cstark for having found how to increase the limit for back camera in 7.x
-flags: max_zoom_factor_back, max_zoom_factor_front
🔥Added option for auto sabre detection in developer settings. Will be enabled for all supported sensors. Thanks arnova8g2 and urnyx05 for the idea
-flag: camera.sabre_auto_detection
🔥Fixed astro forced on
🔥Added option to force support astro for front cam in developer settings
-flag: camera.cuttle.extended_front
🔥Fixes for android 9. Thanks bsg
🔥Auto detection of viewfinder format. Thanks bsg for the core idea and principle(i implemented own way, the working might be different compared to his mod. I am not sure)
🔥Ability to enable/disable glpreview for all 3 modes independently. Thanks bsg, arnova
Flags: CameraMode->camera.glpreview, PortraitMode->camera.gouda_glpreview
🔥Added bufferfix. The method is different from what wyroczen has in his apk but the way was found by him(there were other problems in shutter,video). Thanks to him. It will only work on devices that are allowed by me .
🔥Added option to change focus distance in developer settings. Thanks fu24
Flags: camera.focus_distance_near, camera.focus_distance_far,
🔥Fixed crash on many devices when enabling hybrid_ae_supported
I would like to give special thanks to people like fu24,overwhelmer,arnova8g2,wichaya,wyroczen and others. They have taught me alot. Thanks from the bottom of my heart

onFire GCam 8.1

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