Version released by a group of modders (tigr, pitbull, etc) compatible with multiple devices.



- Fixed geotags

- Support for built-in configs (there are a bunch of them), do "Reset settings" in the menu and configs with a folder (or in a folder) will appear
- Fixed translation into Russian, selection of exposure for long tap to the gallery,
max brightness on viewfinder + power button
- Photo processing indicator
- Added new noise models
- Rresource optimization (should enter the menu faster, work faster, etc.)
- Fixed and added names of HDR models (Pixel family) in "HDR and Interface",
tweaked AW and EV icons
- Renamed the log folder in the storage on MTSL8.3 and the signature in "", so it will be correct, put next to the old versions of MTSL
- Corrected here and there translation into Russian
- Added "Expo-compensation", Exposure_darker and Exposure_darker 2 to the "Exposure" block
- Fixed max zoom,
- Fixed auto-fine mode with selection
- Disabled "large pack yuv" by default
- OFF/ON button "Micro" (disabled in dev. "camera.enable_micro") fixed work on some smartphones and MTK, minus - tracking focus does not work, live photo and some have glare in the viewfinder - enable
- Added a button "Long press on the Gallery button" with a choice: (Libs, Exposure, Settings, AWB, Google Photos, Miui gallery)
- Corrected AUX in names
- Expanded values for "Expo-correction" and "HDR Overall Lightness"
- Increased JPEG compression quality setting from 94% to 100%
- Added item "Resolution of live photos and instant video"
- Expanded values in "Sharpness v2 (Sharp gain)"
- Removed unnecessary trash
- New icons
- Fixed video for budget devices
- Some libs replaced from 8.4
- Fixed crash by pressing the restart button
- Added Chinese language
- Cleaned code, removed Analytics, Feedbacks, VR and etc.


From tigr:

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