Version released by a group of modders (tigr, pitbull, etc) compatible with multiple devices.



- Added Curves with presets
- Added a separating underscore character, when the "select date and time format" option is enabled, the filename suffix is now "_8.3.252" for convenience
- Added more noise models
- Corrected AWB models and added new ones
- Added Fix Shasta (Lut Noise Fix) in Fixes
- Added "Savannah Merge2 Chroma Denoise" to the "SABER" block,
tweaked Saber, Black Levels, AUX
- The focus slider is lowered and widened, the rest are slightly raised, so that they fit on each other less
- Libpatcher (LP) button now works and is visible on the viewfinder,
corrected menu,
added selection of exposure for long tap on the gallery
- Fixed s in the shutter speed slider and sometimes d is spelled out instead of the letter s
- Large yuv is disabled in dev for faster viewfinder operation on weak devices
- The log folder has been removed from the date, now the MTCL8.3 folder is just in the storage, so that logs do not look for a long time, there should also be tone
- Fixed restart of the front camera
- Working patcher for the front camera
- Added "White Levels"
- Added Pixel family (raven), (muskie), (needlefish), (slider), (whitefin), (pipit) models to "HDR and Interface"
- Spread AutoSST from Julian on all modules
- Spread Camera2API and GLPreview on all modules
- Added a button for disabling the reboot of the front camera, and the button for enabling the reboot has been removed. it is not needed (it works anyway), it only breaks the grid, added display of entered values
- Fixed "Focus is permanently locked" function,
some kind of google crap related to analytics is disabled in the code
- Removed duplicates in resources,
- Build with new binaries (it will work better on A12) + less weight. applied maximum dex compression + new apktool,


From tigr:

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