By illusionlabs.



📸 LiteCam by @illusionlabs
Version: 1.4 'Kautilya'
Developer: @ashishmistry


-- Added custom LDR image processing, which can be also customized using Libpatcher
-- Added LDR / HDR mode switcher button on viewfinder (long press to open image processing menu)

🔸 Resolution Upscale
-- Added Resolution upscale in Portrait mode (thanks xenius9)
-- Added Upscale resolution enable disable button

 🔸LiteLib v2
-- Added Hasselblad curves for that punchy look (thanks ultraM8 and savitar for values)
-- Improved Leica processing
-- New and improved processing like gcam 8.4
-- Produces social media ready, non edits needed pics

🔸 User Interface
-- Added theme option (default dark) (thanks linkon)
-- Improved and redesigned overall viewfinder UI
-- Added better and improved HDR processing indicator (red line above shutter button)
-- Added grid changer button in view finder (long press toggles maximum brightness)
-- Added tracking focus button in view finder (long press toggles camera sounds)
-- Added enlarged gallery preview circle for better view (thanks rashid)

🔸 Build
-- Improved video resolution support for some devices (thanks wyroczen)
-- Added camera vibrations toggle (default vibrations off)
-- Changed imx586 as default AWB (good for night shots)
-- Deep cleaned resources for improved over all response of UI, faster startup & processing
-- Removed more non-camera google code
-- Added anti banding selection
-- Added portrait mode images in DCIM option instead of separate folders

🔹 Notes:
-- Clean data and cache after installing apk
-- Resolution upscale only works in portrait mode
-- Maximum upscale varies for different devices
-- Switching between LDR and HDR while image is being processed (red line visible) will result in crash
-- Save xml /illusionlabs/litecam/

💜 Credits:
- Thank you all developers who work i have used or ported in this release, Linkon, UltraM8, savitar, hasli, rashid, xenius9, urnyx05
- Thank you illusionlabs testers group ❤️


Configs folder: /illusionlabs/litecam/

  • Main config, for all phones (created on Redmi 4X): LC1.4-AIOv1.xml
  • Night config, not for human subjects, for all phones (created on Redmi 4X): LC1.4-Night1.xml



🗣 Discussion:

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