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📸 Lara3i @illusionlabs

Version: 1.0 (16042022)
By: @ashishmistry
Base: LMC 8.2 Lara R3
Compatibility: Android 10+

- Added Hexagon DSP option
- Improved HDR processing indicator code
- Made visual changes to HDR processing indicator, so only when its processing it will show red dot
- Added leica switch in settings -> advanced
- Added leica button on viewfinder
- Moved awb button from bottom bar to view finder (thanks @tpan26)
- Package: com.illusionlabs.lmc3
- Optimized app open speed, HDR processing speed
- Redesigned icons & viewfinder UI in my style, for better viewfinder accessibility.
- Added illusionlabs privacy tweaks
- Added illusionlabs optimization tweaks
- Removed non related settings
- Other minor changes
- Added fixes for SD4xx

XML at /illusionlabs/Lara3i/
Log at /illusionlabs/Lara3i/logcat/

🔸 Credits:
@HasliDev for this awesome mod, al_ro, illusionlabs testers and all the GCam Dev community


Configs folder: /illusionlabs/Lara3i/


Lara3i_v1.0 Lara3i_v1.0

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