By illusionlabs.



📸 CameraP @illusionlabs
⚙ version: 1.0
👤 by: @ashishmistry

- Added illusionlabs privacy tweaks
- Added illusionlabs optimization tweaks
- Removed a lot of stuff from apk via my deep cleanup methods
- Added HDR processing indicator
- Added Leica mode and button on viewfinder
- Rearranged viewfinder
- Removed some unwanted settings options
- Motion photo disabled on startup
- Added video fix for SD4xx
- Other small tweaks and fixes

- Android 9+ compatible
- This version is not compatible with MTK device
- XML save location: /illusionlabs/CameraP/
- for xmls and other mods @illusionlabs

All the credits to parrot043 for this awesome gcam mod & whole gcam developer community


Configs folder: /illusionlabs/CameraP/

Configs provided by the modder:

  • CameraP-AIO1.xml (For all scenes and all subjects; Good for day and night shots; AWB is off, enable it in night; Leica is OFF by default, enable it you want to take pics with vignette.)
  • Artistic-Retro1.xml (Designed for taking black and white portrait shots of human subjects; Will take shot in portrait mode; Face retouching is OFF.)



🗣 Discussion:

Versions from this modder may contain code from other developers.