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Gcam 8.2 Update
Version 210904

- Added New NMs and AWBs
- If all files access is not given prior, you will be automatically taken to required screen while restoring xml
- Added Experimental Options in Rampatcher (Don't use without knowledge/proper testing)
- Added new dev parameters:

Search change_interface in dev settings. It will unhide options to change interface in Special Fixes Settings.

Search cct in dev settings. Enabling this will unlock Advanced Color Calibration tools in advanced settings. (High Level Stuff). These tools were written by @ytsependa originally.

- UW distortion correction works on several devices. For it, you need to:

* Search change_hdr in dev settings and enable it. Search rectiface_support_level and set it to 1.
* Go to Advanced Settings> Special Fixes and click Custom HDR Model and change it to bramble.

That's all I can offer 😉.

And finally a reminder of package name confusion:
1. OnePlus 8/T/Pro: org.codeaurora.snapcam
2. Samsung: com.samsung.android.biometrics.service
3. All other phones (including OnePlus): com.google.android.GoogleCamera.Cameight



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