By Greatness.




1. Added Several new Noise Models, AWB Models
2. Added the ability to use JPEG VF and RAW Sensor. Search pck in developer settings.
3. Added Option to change Motion Photo and Viewfinder record Resolution (You can now record 12MP Video though the quality is average because of only viewfinder capture)
4. Corrected Sharpness, Chroma and Spatial Denoise addresses of Rampatcher and added Manual Patcher
5. Added Manual Patcher Override like upcoming Arnova 8.2 (Thanks to Arnova)
6. Slow-motion now works on OnePlus 7 series. Added camcorder capturerate and bitrate options to developer Settings
7. You can now change FPS from top menu bar in Video. (Thanks Arnova8G2). Enable 60fps from developer Settings if you want.
8. Added a new "Special Fixes" tab for several device specific fixes. You can enable/disable Sunbug fix, raw fix, digital gain fix from there. You can now use "Third party gallery" by enabling that option as well. Digital Gain Fix is needed for Samsung S9 series.

Yes and I know you are looking for aux but currently I am taking an exam which does matter to me more and am out of modding for sometime. After the exam ends at the end of this month, I'll be able to complete aux. And I would also fix for Camera2API Full Devices after that. I didn't want you all to wait that long for fixes already done so I am pushing the update already.

We have already figured out Face Retouching fix for some devices.

For OP8 series by Arnova8G2:
1. Enable pck.use_jpeg in developer settings

For OP7 series by SixArmedPriest:
1. Enable pck.use_jpeg, pck.raw_sensor, disable_hdrplus_postview and camera.wiener_force in developer settings. Set SM8150 Manual stream config for Front, Main and Portrait.

For OP Nord by me:
1. Enable disable_hdrplus_postview in developer settings. Set SM8250 Manual Stream Config for Front, Main and Portrait.


GCam8.2.204_Greatness.210608.1657Release.apk GCam8.2.204_Greatness.210608.1657Release.apk

GCam8.2.204_Greatness.210608.1657Release.apk GCam8.2.204_Greatness.210608.1657Release.apk

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