GCam8.4.300_Greatness-Arnova (Unstable)

By Greatness.



This is the initial and final version for 8.4. Potentially unstable.
(No you didn't read that wrong)

So you guys have been asking for 8.4 for a long time. And I was actually working on perfecting this one. Until I got extremely busy. This was a build I was working based on Arnova. You will most likely thus find a lot of similarities. I was just adding the missing "Greatness" features on top of Arnova's. This was a collaboration on GitHub. But then after a break when I got busy with persinal life, I returned and started to continue. However, while merging some changes with github, I lost all my progress and source codes. Hence I thought there was no more a point working on it over again while Arnova has a much better mod. I really recommend to use his last 8.4 release since it's so much better.

You WON'T receive any current or future support for this app. (I don't have my own codes, so what can I do, really sorry about that.)

If you still wanna know why I am publishing this? Well, because it works well on a few devices still and some of my testers use it still. So I thought you guys shouldn't be left out as well. If I remember correctly, this app was last modified in March.

You can try this if you still wanna give it a shot.



GCam8.4.300_Greatness-Arnova GCam8.4.300_Greatness-Arnova

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