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Gcam-8.4.300 Version 7 BetaPublic:

- Add new option to developer google
- Add Max Frame OFF/3/10/20 in slider menu (1)
- Add 8K in slider menu (2)
- Add pck jpeg and raw sensor in dev
- Add viewfinder resolution with viewfinder.hdrplus_resolution_height in dev
- Add black level and dynamic black level (3)
- Add camera.display_cutout_mode in dev *allows viewfinder to switch between modes without lag on any device
- Add exynos compatibility
- Add Manual WB slider for all device *Experimental does not work for HDR+Enh
- Add third party gallery mode ( forced for all image apps )
- Add shortcut menu
- Add integration Measure and Playground
- Add some default config on devices
- Astro, Astro timelapse works on all devices with astro_force in dev
- Sabre optimized and works great
- Improved Autofocus and manual Focus now faster
- Fix saturation bug is only for hardware_level 3
- Fix auto resolution for topshot/micro video and ratio bug with topshot.auto_resolution in dev
- Fix EIS for prestabilize mode on no-google device
- portrait.output_use_gpu_resampling
- and more code converted

*(1)* number of frames is 19 ( but it's possible to increase value to 50 in option dev search : burst, hdrplus,zsl and frame)

*(2)* up to 60fps for devices that allow it ( hevc must be disabled for green flicker of video on some device )
*(2)* check dng of frames used in last folder "android/data/com.android.arn/cache/gcam/xxxx"

*(3)* black level works with a value ex 64 or 64,64,64,64
*(3)* dynamic black level works by percentage and with a value ex: 1.5 or 1.5,1.5,1.5,1.5
*(3)* must be empty to disable it

This version will be developed on github in java, if you want to participate contact me


com.android.arn (Build 220223.1905)

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