By Arnova8G2 (Beta).




  • Fixed bugs with noise mode
  • Fixed bugs after clearing cache
  • Fixed use camera logical in main camera
  • Sabre upgrade for better use
  • Fixed GID now works correctly
  • Bug fix on some device

Help for Sabre:

  • Best choice for sabre and used sabre + spatial_rgb
    camera.sabre.enabled ____ ON
    camera.sabre.spatial_rgb_enabled ____ ON
    camera.sabre.allowed ____ ON

  • Default by google
    camera.sabre.enabled ____ works from 1.2x zoom
    camera.sabre.spatial_rgb_enabled ____ works from 2.5x zoom
    camera.sabre.allowed ____ always ON even without zoom

  • If a camera crashes after capture use unzoomed which corresponds to cam or mode used
    camera.sabre.unzoomed_wide ____ disable main cam
    camera.sabre.unzoomed_ultratele ____ disable ultratele cam
    camera.sabre.unzoomed_ultrawide ____ disable ultrawide cam
    camera.sabre.unzoomed_front ____ disable front cam
    camera.sabre.unzoomed_gouda ____ disable portrait
    camera.sabre.unzoomed_astro ____ disable astro
    camera.sabre.unzoomed_ns ____ disable night

  • To be used if no compatibility with sensor
    camera.sabre.disable_ultratele ____ force disable all sabre for ultratele cam
    camera.sabre.disable_ultrawide ____ force disable all sabre for ultrawide cam

  • A single selection only otherwise all sabre will be deactivated, not to be used
    camera.sabre.force ____ force use sabre
    camera.sabre.spatial_rgb_force ____ force use spatial_rgb
    camera.sabre.wiener_force ____ force wiener

Help for GID (Google ID cam):

  • A unique GID per cam
  • If capture has a lot of color noise change gid

0 is wide cam
10 is wide cam Binned
11 is wide cam Remosaicked

4 is ultratele cam
7 is ultratele cam Binned
12 is ultratele cam Remosaicked

8 is ultrawide cam
9 is ultrawide cam Binned

1 is front cam
2 is front cam Ultrawide
6 is front cam Infrared
13 is front cam Secondary

Checksums »

APK certificate fingerprints:
SHA-1: e0be67031a86c4178239256f80d631d94451e263

APK file name: arn.android.gcam.beta

APK file hashes:
MD5: a6917037730f954defb8ff75ce814441
SHA-1: f6f18ea46aa4813b061cd107513329afbf041213

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