By Arnova8G2 (Beta).




  • Add OIS API V2 from Pixel 5
  • Add Super resolution (For moment works on asus *bug with Operation Mode)
  • Fix unrecognized noise filenames
  • Add FPS in viewfinder (camera.viewfinder_force_fps, camera.viewfinder_force_min_fps )
  • Add resolution by camera
  • Fix button aux
  • Improved logcat shortcut and added debug info in zip
  • Changing logcat run
  • Rename dev keys for display by order
  • Add Gboard beta bypass (camera.gboard_beta_force)
  • Add usage depth/macro cameras and oneplus photochrom
  • Fix AWB files
  • Fix video 8K with tracking focus is enabled
  • Fix micro photo if Off and front cam
  • Fix raw sensor format
  • Add CONTROL_SCENE_MODE for no-google device
  • Remove camcorder profile which are not used
  • Fix Logical camera crash
  • Fix detection camera for Samsung device


  • This version works better than the stable one, if test codes are not activated.
  • With shortcut "make a logcat", reproduce bug if there is a crash, zip log is in Gcam/ folder, if no crash just force close and reopen. Submit bug reports on Github.
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[ Note from Celso: I have updated the file names (eg: 230424.2152.apk → _arn.apk) to make it easier to know which package it is. ]

APK certificate fingerprints:
SHA-1: e0be67031a86c4178239256f80d631d94451e263


APK file name: arn.android.gcam

APK file hashes:
MD5: 6bf2e2fa7fe3f523e3d9953da7d1fff3
SHA-1: 5e13cd31c245e224bc3eb055938bf72eb280fab4


APK file name: com.google.android.GoogleCamera

APK file hashes:
MD5: 26c71a0c1029237f20361bd502f8cc7b
SHA-1: a9ab038d1707c207f42b157de2b3142663bb68d3


APK file name: com.samsung.android.scan3d

APK file hashes:
MD5: 089bd22321b46e7a4be2bd16da950ddf
SHA-1: 86e61e95e0d1e50a1c91ef523dd79ce14483c1b4


APK file name: com.ss.android.ugc.aweme

APK file hashes:
MD5: ff956053e20fe287bd846875a5aa14ca
SHA-1: d49764435047db878e9c0069be721579e0e30ece


APK file name: org.codeaurora.snapcam

APK file hashes:
MD5: 2a3a2a180c539b71a33ddc604594e7ab
SHA-1: 9aa1c72d3e1a44117f18110faa49bac6bd2306f2

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