By Arnova8G2 (Beta).



Improved for better results and blur removal without quality loss for Arn Sabre enhanced.


  • Add Android 11 compatibility
  • Add ARN Sabre Enhanced for portrait( camera.sabre_arn_enhanced_gouda )
  • Add ARN Sabre Enhanced for Night ( camera.sabre_arn_enhanced_cuttle )
  • Add Watermark for portrait ( camera.watermark_gouda )
  • Add Watermark for Night ( camera.watermark_cuttle )
  • Add Operation Mode for AUX + Experimental OPMode for ( cinematic, video hdr, video 8k ...)
  • Add AWB Mod for AUX
  • Add Noise Model for AUX ( Quality improvement on AUX with ARN Sabre Enhanced )
  • Improvement of AUX buttons

Background without blur is better ( screenshot 1 ), portrait does not lose blur but quality is better than original gcam ( screenshot 3 ):

Arnova8G2 GCam 8.7.250 Beta 5

For bugs report, enable logcat in dev camera.onscreen_log and camera.onscreen_logcat, logcat file is in Gcam/log folder.


[Note from Celso: I have updated the file names (eg: 230410.1723.apk → _arn.apk) to make it easier to know which package it is. ]


APK certificate fingerprints:
SHA-1: e0be67031a86c4178239256f80d631d94451e263


APK file name: arn.android.gcam

APK file hashes:
MD5: 6f3664bfde0a6224be14bbf4a0a2307c
SHA-1: 0482c5f65c8dc84a00656e49e6c41d34a116f1e7


APK file name: com.google.android.GoogleCamera

APK file hashes:
MD5: 95d333308f12e597f0d22f7a00dcc5b8
SHA-1: 13a5fc35dd3a900b54b5364cad3a33392d08f979


APK file name: com.samsung.android.scan3d

APK file hashes:
MD5: eddf32a22ccb3c563fc7062ef628e1ce
SHA-1: bc01f7dd01c0511ac1358a118de0fdfe5799fe95

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