By Arnova8G2 (Beta).



Beta 4 FIX (2023-03-25):

- Fix Bug in previous version
- Optimize Arn Sabre enhanced and add value( camera.sabre_arn_enhanced_value ) default : "clamp_edges=1,wrap_edges=2,radius=2.3,amount=0.5,multi_alpha=true,alpha=true"
- Add send bug issues in github
- Add Samsung package


Beta 4:

For this beautiful new in version:

New image processing code "Arn Sabre Enhanced", code was worked to make image deblurring, but works differently final result is great, processing is long and requires a device with a lot of memory for multi capture. Other novelty a beautiful watermark on photo, city and date for good family memory.


  • Fix Bug in previous version
  • Add AWB Button ( gcam.hdrplus_wb_use and manual value : 0.50195312,0.61718750,0.71582031,0.00000000,0.00000000 or use pixel1 to pixel6pro name )
  • Add 8K Button ( camcorder.8k )
  • Add Astro On button ( camera.cuttle.force_extended )
  • Add AUX Mod ( camera.aux_enabled_mod ) ( com.google.android.GoogleCamera package name work in Onplus )
  • Add Saturation fix ( api_colorSpaceTransfom )
  • Add ARN Sabre Enhanced ( camera.sabre_arn_enhanced ) ( continues code for an optimization of adjustment values)
  • Add Watermark ( camera.watermark_enabled ) ( only for hdrplus and night, works with motion photo activated )
  • Add Front cam indicator ( camera.front_lens_indicator_position : value is X/Y position ex Mi11U is 10,10 and size is camera.front_lens_trial_size for mi11U is -10 )
  • And lots of stability code

For me, this is a very nice version for quality of capture in hope to optimize processing code.


APK certificate fingerprints:
SHA-1: e0be67031a86c4178239256f80d631d94451e263


APK file name: arn.android.gcam

APK file hashes:
MD5: 7bca4085464bb5ca8b9048dd2a5a6f8c
SHA-1: 7d0c8cbc66b0d8772c9d37d716304c951ad59b09


APK file name: com.google.android.GoogleCamera

APK file hashes:
MD5: 90d37c7a3acce2c01a4a53a6e1e06169
SHA-1: aa3b96018eae02a8213d860c9516f3926c949c0b


APK file name: com.samsung.android.scan3d

APK file hashes:
MD5: 245f1a19786a90bcc5e04d7429932c9f
SHA-1: dffdde2f5d4eca60d83fc0f9fb3496f909a9107d

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