By Arnova8G2 (Beta).



There is no modding only fixes to work on a maximum of devices. These versions are similar to Google used for testing or helping other modders to fix their versions, prefer daily use of other mods.

  • Fix Bug in previous version
  • Add Force playground for all device (arcore_force_playground) default true
  • Add Exif device and manufacturer name (exif_model_make_device_name and exif_model_make_manufacturer_name) default your device
  • Add Android 12 compatibility
  • Add Viewfinder jpeg format (camera.viewfinder_pck_jpeg) default false


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SHA-1: e0be67031a86c4178239256f80d631d94451e263

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MD5: 780e4b17c9c7ed3a2cc791365a838cb5
SHA-1: bcd8c677b600d33f595add2cffc50fe994691391

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