By Arnova8G2 (Beta).



(Note: For Android 13+.)

Fixes and some additions:

- Add HdrPlusPostProcessing
- Add CamcorderFrameServer
- Add Disabled Hexagon (camera.hdr_hvx.RESTART and camera.hdr_postview_hvx.RESTART) default is false
- Add Shortcut
- Add Developper-Mod
- Add Disabled Google Photo (gcam.google_photo_enabled) default is false
- Add Sound Setting for chinese rom (camera.sound_show_settings) default is false
- Add Portrait back for no-google device
- Add 24fps
- Add False profile camcorder
- Add Force Cutout (camera.cutout_enabled)
- Add Tracking focus for video (camcorder.trk_yuv_plus and camcorder.trk_yuv ) default is false
- Add Simple RamPatcher for fix save capture
- Add Viewfinder resolution (camera.hdrplus.viewfinder_height) default is 764
- Add Auto-resolution for motion photo, topshot, moments (camera.res_auto_topshot_mts_motion) default is true
- Add key value for multi choice in developper
- Add HDRPlus in portrait with button ( camera.gouda.allow_hdplus ) default is false
- Add EIS by Google for all device, this is for pictures
- Add News Logcat Mod ( camera.onscreen_logcat ) default is false
- Add Material Switch theme

* small bug with hdrplus on ( hdr zsl ) fix use hdrplus enh or disable shasta zsl


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