By Metzger100.




Version: 2.0
To build the best Urnyxmod out there.

-Added a switch to don't create a seperate folder for selfies
-Added IMX471-AWB (Thanks to UltraM8)
-Added Buttons with persistent Settings to load the XMLs of your Device fastly (more Infos at the bottom)
-Changed the XML-Folder to void XML-Choas (new /InternalStorage/GCam/Configs7/Butchercam)
-Added seperate Expo-Settings for every Sensor
-Added Costum-key-settings for every Phone (Thanks to Urnyx05)
-Added Pixelbinning-button for every Phone (Thanks to Urnyx05)
-Added Aperturebutton/settings for every Phone (Thanks to Urnyx05)
-Fixed Raw-crash
-Fixed the XML-Focus-Bug
-Fixed the Layout of the XML-Spinner
-Maybe fixed lense-problem of Redmi Note 9 pro
-Removed the not working DCI-P3

This Version is based on Urnyx Version 2.1.
If you have any trouble with it please tell me that in our Group.
If you have any XML's send them into the Group.

XML's existing for:
-Realme 5 Pro (Thanks to Mrdill)
-Mi 9 T Pro/K20 Pro (Thanks to Roger)
-All other Phones use the XMLs made by Sony

Add XML's:
To add XML's for your Phone some conditions must be met:
-All working Sensors have to be configured. Otherwise I won't add them.
-You have to make XML's for both Buttons.
-Download this App and make a Screenshot of the "System"-Tab.
-Send me your XML's and that Screenshot.
XML's will be added in all Releases (Feature- and Fixreleases / X.0's and X.X's).



For Users:
My Goal is it to support as many Devices as possible by making the Urnyx05-GCam highly configurable and using different Layouts for different Devices.
Butchercam-Urnyxbased is supporting mutiple Devices and I will do my very best to deliver good Imagequality for as many People as possible.

For Devs:
You can copy, share, modify and rebrand my Cam if you allow the same for your GCam. I try to make my Code as clean as possible for you!

🗣 Discussion: