By Metzger100.




-Fixed the auxlensedisaster
-Added automatic Sabrecontrol (by Urnyx05)

Plus, changes from V1:

-New Layout/UI-Cleanup (Thanks to Abhi Shake for his help)
-Added Camera Models
-Added more HDR+-Framesoptions
-Added DCI-P3-mode
-Added Antibanding
-Added Rawsensorswitch
-Added Rawsensorsabrecrashfix
-Added Exposurecompensation
-Added Exposuretimesettings for Normal-, Night- and Astromode (Thanks to Marco Ch for his help)
-Added Libselection
-Updated to 7.3.020
-Added some libs
-Added AWB-Settings for each sensor
-Added 11 New AWBs
-Added Sabreswitches for each sensor
-Added Isolimit
-Added Noiseprocessing
-Added Temporalnoiseradius
-Added Dehaze
-Added Spatialdenoise
-Added Donationlink for Savitars dad
-Added special Settings for Phones with Wide-Macro-Auxsensorcombination
-Added Exposettings in Libpatcher

Known Bugs:

-AWB- and Libpatcherchanges don't apply for Phones with inverted auxlenses (Main-Wide-Macro) without a Camrestart. (Change the Lense, or stop the App in the Settings)
-Crash when Raw and Libpatcher are enabled

This Version is based on Urnyx Version 2.1.
If you have any trouble with it please tell me that in our Group: https://t.me/butchercam_group
If you have any XML's send them into the Group.



For Users:
My Goal is it to support as many Devices as possible by making the Urnyx05-GCam highly configurable and using different Layouts for different Devices.
Butchercam-Urnyxbased is supporting mutiple Devices and I will do my very best to deliver good Imagequality for as many People as possible.

For Devs:
You can copy, share, modify and rebrand my Cam if you allow the same for your GCam. I try to make my Code as clean as possible for you!

🗣 Discussion: