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Google Camera 8.8.224 Mod V4 by MWP

- Added patcher parameters explanation page.
- Added some new parameter on patcher menu.
- Added merge method explanation text.
- Added open exposure menu by long pressing button.
- Move custom noise model options to patcher menu.
- Added AWB gain options on additional fix menu
- Added some help on custom video resolution menu.
- Several fixes and stability

• Maybe you will get unsafe app notification, when installing this apk, because there is a security update on Google Play Protect. it depends on you, my apk is still safe so far

Custom Lib for MWP 8.8:

- nagakiba.so (By Lucas. Close to stock, but without noise issues and aggressive sharp from stock settings; Using merge2, faster than merge3; )
- LU88_GN1.so (By Lucas for GN1 sensor)
- LU88_IMX.so (By Lucas for IMX sensor)
- hdr_b1.so (By Lucas. "Rich color, good contrast reduced stock 8.8 sharpness and improved image noise.")
- film_b5a.so (By Lucas. "Great noise reduction, contrasty tone, somewhat resampling NoiC lib tone. You can go to lib patcher and increase "soft sharp" to get more sharpness.")


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