[ For Pixel Only. Source. ]

Google Camera 8.7.250 beta1 by MWP

For Pixel 4 and newer:
- HDR model selection
- Lib Patcher
- Ultrawide can be used for Astrophotography
- Possibility to turn off AI AWB
- Dual exposure can be used together with HDR Enhanced
- Add save config as xml
- Add more shortcuts by long pressing app icon
- Developer settings ( read help menu for more information)

For Pixel 2, 3:
- To use this version, you need to load the config (.xml) So all the gcam features can be used normally, please download the xml below:

- Pixel 3: Pixel3-default-MWP87.xml
- Pixel 2: Pixel2-default-MWP87.xml

Known bugs:
- Still unstable for Pixel 3a.
- Video mode: On Pixel 6 and newer, viewfinder will freeze on first use.
The solution is: Choose another fps option until the viewfinder is normal.
- Gboard: Download 3rd party keyboard app if you can't input text in developer settings.

Features removed: Motion mode, Action pan, and Cinematic video.

Thanks to: Arnova, BSG, Bigkaka, Md_shamim12 and my Group tester who has helped me to build this mod.



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