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[ Old version, for old ARM 32 devices. Source. ]

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3.2.045 Google Camera:

- For the first time in the camera, Google added HI Resolution
Without any dancing with a tambourine, it saves a photo with a multiple resolution (x1.5
x1.75 x2) based on the size of the sensor. Something like in A Better Camera 🎥 The difference is not very visible, but with good lighting, the difference, although not big, is there. For convenience, I added a switch icon to the viewfinder.
- Finally managed to correct the resolution of the photo. But if you turn it on, the choice of photo size (16:10; 4x3) will not work, I can fix it in the future.
- More: Minimum iso threshold 37 (was 100) ISO factor, dynamic range control, flash on the front camera, slightly removed the "lag" of the viewfinder. I completely turned off the sound of the start-stop video camera, added the ability to take photos in parallel when shooting video (although photos without HDR +) select the video bitrate.

- Screenshot-2022-03-17-14-29-47-914-ch.want-.imagecompare.jpg
- Screenshot-2022-03-17-14-29-07-560-ch.want-.imagecompare.jpg

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