Miro Video Converter
Miro Video Converter is a free and open source program that allows users to convert videos from multiple formats to MP4, WebM and Ogg Theora. It was created by the Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF) and the source code (GPL) is available on Github.

Sadly, the download links on the project’s website have been offline for some time now. Miro was recommended by many because it is easy to use and now users following tutorials and other content available online can’t get a copy of the program. That’s why I created this mirror.

The following files were archived by the Internet Archive’s (IA) Wayback Machine. I downloaded them and performed the checksums. Three download links are provided: “My Mirror” (hosted by me, fast speeds, https), “Wayback Machine” (archived by the Wayback Machine, probably slower, https, you don’t have to trust me) and “Torrent” (uploaded by me to Archive.org).

Miro Video Converter 3 for Windows Windows:

MiroConverterSetup.exe [Checksums]
Download: My Mirror | Wayback Machine | Torrent

Miro Video Converter 3 for Mac Mac OS:

MiroVideoConverter.dmg [Checksums]
Download: My Mirror | Wayback Machine | Torrent

Miro Video Converter 3 for Linux (source) Linux:

mvc-3.0.tar.gz [Checksums]
Download: My Mirror | Wayback Machine | Torrent


Link offline or slow download?
Try the other mirror.

I’m looking for an older version/some file not available here. Can you help me?
The IA archived the official download server. You can access the page here.

Can you help me using Miro?
No, this is only a download mirror. I don’t give support or fix bugs.

Is this website affiliated with Miro or PCF?
No, this is just a personal mirror created by me, a normal user.


Miro Video Converter 3, MacOS version. Click to enlarge:

Miro Video Converter Screenshot