If you are planing to donate, please consider supporting to the following causes:

Turkey-Syria Earthquakes:

The big earthquake in Turkey/Syria left many dead, injured, and homeless:


Doctors Without Borders and Red Cross/Red Crescent might also be a good option.

Ukraine War:

Some in the GCam community have been affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. From dead friends to separated families and forced migrations, we have a bit of everything.

The Ukrainian Red Cross (not international) seems to be a good option because of their support to civilians. Doctors Without Borders have also provided healthcare for Ukrainians.

Some prefer United24. It's up to you.

Other causes:

If there's something else you think might use some help, then donate to them instead.

Currently, advertisement cover all expenses I have with hosting, so while I thank you for considering donating to me, others need that money more than I do.