How To Bypass 4PDA Captchas

Learn how to create an account on 4PDA or login on 4PDA without filling in their captchas.

4PDA Logo is a Russian speaking website/forum about mobile devices in general. There you can find ROMs, official apps and ports, guides, etc.

Sadly all download links on their platform only work if you're logged in. This usually isn't a problem, but they use Cyrillic captchas, something that most non Russian speakers can't understand. On this page I explain how to create an account and login without filling out their captchas.

Account Creation:

4PDA uses captchas on their website, but not on their Android app. We can use it to create an account:

  1. Install the 4PDA app (Play Store);
  2. (screenshot) Open the app and skip the intro;
  3. (screenshot) On the login page, click on the link below their logo;
  4. (screenshot) Click on the checkbox to accept their "terms and conditions" and then on the big button to continue;
  5. (screenshot) Now you're on the account creation page. Type an username, password (two times) and provide a real email address;
  6. (screenshot) You'll receive a confirmation email with a link. Click on that link to activate your account;
  7. You now have a 4PDA account;

Login on 4PDA's Website:

Now that we have an account, let's try to use it. 4PDA's app is useful to create the account, but the app itself is in Russian, so I use Google Chrome's translation feature.

  1. Go to the forum login page;
  2. (screenshot) Type your username, password, ignore the captcha, check the checkbox below the captcha, and click on the login button;
  3. (screenshot) If your login is correct, they'll send you an email with a login link;
  4. (screenshot) Click on the link you received by email;
  5. You're now logged in to your 4PDA account;

Additional Information:

  • Please follow their rules. Don't speak english if only Russian is allowed, don't be rude, etc.
  • The Google Translate app has an option (click on the "camera" icon) that live translates text using your camera (screenshot). This can be useful if you have two phones and want to explore 4PDA's app.
  • Information on this page is valid as of 2018-05-11.