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Google Apps (Gapps) for custom ROMs. Files hosted by the Internet Archive.

  • Page updated: 2022-10-29

Mind The GApps:

Saved from the links available on Lineage's wiki page. Older packages archived by me are available at the Internet Archive.

Android 13.0:

Android 12.1:

Android 12.0:

Android 11:

Android 10:

Android 9.0.0:

Android 8.1.0:

Open GApps:

Files (Nano Package) and checksums saved from the official website. You can find older builds at the Internet Archive.

Note (2022-10-29): The project stopped releasing new updates, so using MindTheGapps (above) might be a good idea.

Android 11.0:

Android 10.0:

Android 9.0:

Android 8.1:

Android 8.0:

Android 7.1:

Android 7.0:

Android 6.0:

Android 5.1:

Android 5.0:

Android 4.4:

Beans GApps:

Beans Gapps Mini:

Beans Gapps Full: